My Thoughts On Road to Kingdom

Ok, I still haven’t watched the full episodes of this show past the first one, but I eagerly watched every performance each week. I wanted to talk about the performances while I still had my last remaining bit of hype and before Kingdom starts (as of now, we still don’t have a lineup so I’ll discuss who I want to see on there as well.) I may watch the full episodes of Road to Kingdom at some point, but for now here are my thoughts from before, during, and after the show. I’ll be taking a look at every round and giving my own ranking, as well as standings based on my points after each one. This will of course be full of spoilers for the entire show, including the eliminations and winner.

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What I Watched, Read, and Played: Second Quarter 2020

I’ve decided I really like this format and schedule. It lets me talk about all the fiction I’ve consumed, but I don’t get burnt out by writing a lot on a frequent basis. Compared to the first quarter, I watched less anime but read more books. That balance really depends on what I’m in the mood for and changes all the time. I watched four currently-airing anime this season, and read some new releases which I am very happy about. Not mentioned in this post is one of the biggest things I enjoyed this quarter, Road to Kingdom. I didn’t talk about it here as I only watched the performances and not the full episodes, but I plan on giving it it’s own post. Maybe. If I get to it. In this post is the media I consumed from April to June. As with last quarter, the numbers below each title are the ratings I gave it, on MyAnimeList for the anime and Goodreads for the books. Ratings are based on my enjoyment, not objective quality.

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My Top 25 Kpop Singles of 2020: Second Quarter

I’m going back to a blog format for this post instead of the video I made for the first quarter because the downloader I was using isn’t working anymore. I found this quarter to be weaker than the first, but there were still some great comebacks. I also included the Road to Kingdom singles, but only the ones with music (well, performance) videos.

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